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  • Get Immediate Answers! Ask SkoolBot About Homework, Grades, Upcoming Tests, And More

    "Any homework today", "What did I get on my last math test", Ask my bio class "Does anyone have the notes from today?", "Any tests this week?"


    Just talk to SkoolBot, and watch it go!


    We make it simple to get answers to stuff that matters. We also make communicating with teachers and other students as simple as "email my spanish teacher".

  • Access It Anywhere

    SkoolBot is accessible using Facebook Messenger and kik. Just get SkoolBot from the bot store on either platform, and chat with it like a normal person.

  • FAQ

    Key things you might want to know!

    What exactly is SkoolBot?

    SkoolBot is a bot that you converse with using normal, natural questions and commands (e.g., "Do I have any math homework this week?"). Skoolbot then connects with your Google Classroom and gets you immediate answers that you can use to plan your day. It focused on questions about homework, grades, and upcoming tests and quizzes.


    It also makes communicating with teachers and classmates really simple, without having to remember people's email addresses (e.g., "email my chem teacher", and "ask my history class did anyone see my blue backpack?").

    Who can use SkoolBot?

    Anyone with a current Google Classroom account from their school can use SkoolBot.

    How much does it cost?

    SkoolBot is FREE - how awesome is that?

    How do I access SkoolBot?

    You can access Skoolbot via Facebook Messenger or kik. Just find Skoolbot in the bot store or marketplace, add it to your buddy list, and start talking to it!

    How can I sign up?

    We are in beta testing right now, but you can request to be part of the beta testers by signing up in the form below. If we still have room, we'll be happy send you an invite code!

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